Gas Customer Service

Natural Gas

Because natural gas is odorless, we add a chemical to it for your safety. This chemical's unpleasant (rotten-egg) smell helps you to detect potentially dangerous gas leaks from faulty appliances or damaged service lines/mains.

If you smell a slight odor of gas indoors, check you pilot lights to make sure they are lit. If that is not the problem, leave the building and call Sheffield Utilities from a neighbor's telephone.

If the gas smell is strong, leave the building immediately. Leave the doors and windows open if possible. Do not light a match, use the telephone or turn anything on or off. Go to your nearest neighbor's home and telephone Sheffield Utilities.

Learn the location of you natural gas valve. In an emergency situation, such as a punctured gas line or an earthquake, it may be necessary fro you to turn off the gas at the meter.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is produced when burning any fuel incompletely, such as charcoal, gasoline or wood. Carbon monoxide is highly poisonous and has no odor, taste or color. If natural gas equipment is not maintained, adjusted and operated properly, it could produce carbon monoxide.

Your natural gas appliances should produce a clear, steady blue flame. If appliances exhibit an unusual behavior or produce yellowish-color flame, they could need servicing.

A trained professional should inspect appliances annually to insure safe operation.

Other Safety Tips

  • Keep areas surrounding your gas appliances clear from clutter or trash.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors may be helpful in your home or business. But remember, a carbon monoxide detector should never be substitute for using equipment safely - which includes having your heating and cooking appliances inspected yearly by a trained professional.

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