Trees and Power Lines

When you plant trees, look up, there may be a power line above. In a few short years, your little trees have grown into and around the power lines, causing those annoying flickers that have your clocks going 12... 12... 12... Trees also grow wild on vacant grounds, road right-of-ways and in forested areas. They too, present a serious problem on those windy days.

In order to maintain trouble-free trees, Sheffield Utilities has a tree trimming crew. These workers will travel the entire system shaping, trimming and cutting troublesome trees and brush. If you notice that trees in your area are becoming potential problems to power lines, give us a call and our crew will respond ASAP.

Please note that Sheffield Utilities will not trim the trees on any secondary service wires. We will however come to your location and temporarily disconnect your service so you can trim any trees that have grown into your secondary service wires.

To report trees growing into power lines or to request a temporary disconnect please call (256) 248-2745.

Included below is a helpful illustration for planting trees near power lines and other structures.

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